Office interior in the style of minimalism

Minimalism – a style that is different in the laconic means of expression, it is accurate, simple, with a very clear and uncluttered composition. Designers to create interior in a minimalist style, using natural and industrial materials, geometric simple forms, do not accept the use of classical methods of processing space, using neutral colors.

Minimalism is great for interior design office, its relevance due to the fact that it is beautiful, practical, comfortable. Office furniture in a minimalist style is perceived as a symbol of elegance, ergonomics, style and taste. This furniture offers the convenience, it is not intended to amaze the imagination of their decor, which, in fact, not. It creates a harmonious atmosphere conducive to efficient and quiet during the working process.

If we talk about the colors used in the design, the interior design of the office assumes the soft and bright colors. Furniture selected in the same color scheme, but a few shades darker. As accessories allowed items of modern sculpture, it may be geometric shapes, made ​​of glass or wood. No superfluous in the interior and the picture will be – with a geometric pattern, abstract.

When you create an interior of office in a minimalist style with particular attention to lighting. Typically, the window openings require installation of blinds, and furniture should stay so as to use the effect of ambient light to the maximum extent. Chandeliers and lighting fixtures with Thiele minimalism – plain or carried on the contrast of two colors, this model geometries. Fixtures can be in the form of cubes, spheres.
Speaking of the silhouette and the materials office furniture, the important thing in a minimalist style – a minimum of decor, maximum functionality and convenience. Usually office furniture in this style is made without unnecessary decoration and features simple silhouettes. In the office environment harmoniously fit furniture with genuine leather trim, while it will not attract undue attention. Also available are options upholstery – artificial leather, fabric, resistant to dirt.

Modern office in the style of minimalism – is the maximum lit room with a minimum of furniture, which should be functional. In order to create a feeling of space, it is necessary to rid the space of unnecessary items and accessories. The decoration of office space is often used natural materials, which have a rough texture – concrete, wood, bricks. Despite such austerity in the decoration can competently accents on expensive finishing materials, thereby emphasize their luxury.

Office interior design in the style of minimalism, allow at work deep breath, do not be distracted by extraneous things. After all, pure space, free from prejudice in the decoration, will contribute to maximize workflow.

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